Guide to Customer Profiles and Creating Personas

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In order to create a representative sample of an audience, personas are based on the data you collect and analyse (i.e research) on real customers, mainly the ones you’ll be creating your products and / or services from. Rather than just relying on data such as age, gender and location, personas go deeper into your customer’s life, these days (because of social media) it’s easier to find out what motivates your ideal customer to buy what they buy, the problems they regularly face, what their social networks look like, what they value in a rand, how they want to be communicated, and more. 

You can then take the insights you have uncovered and use it to deliver a much more relevant and engaging customer experience.

If you use customer personas, please share any tips and examples. If you want to learn how to create one, please get in touch about my customer persona and profile workshop.


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